P.J. Patterson, Pens
"My Political Journey"

Percival James Patterson, widely known as P.J. Patterson, was Jamaica’s sixth Prime Minister - the only person since Independence in 1962, to serve three consecutive terms as Prime Minister.

Widely regarded as a master political strategist he has published his memoirs “My Political Journey” an account of his time as an active and successful participant in the political and social development of Jamaica and Caribbean spanning the 1950’s to early 2000.

This 416- page book, which chronicles Patterson’ s life from humble beginning in rural Jamaica to highly respected statesman, regionally and internationally, was published by the University of the West Indies Press.

Rachel Manley, daughter of the late Rt Hon. Michael Manley, Jamaica’s Prime Minister 1972-1980 and 1989-1992, said of Patterson’s “MY Political Journey”:

“This invaluable memoir is a fascinating, generous-hearted, at times funny, skillfully written insider’s view from the trenches of Jamaica’s politics.

It covers the struggle from colonialism to federation, to Jamaican Independence and growing self-realization. It is as much the story of a young country’s possibilities as it is of the extraordinary life of one man, a son of rural Jamaica."

A devoted regionalist and social democrat with unfailing faith in his people, PJ Patterson’s book reflects a hands-on, practical spirit who believes in loyalty to ideals and flexibility in the face of change and introspection.

A shrewd judge of national temperature and temperament, as Jamaica’s greatest political organizer, he revisits the rough and tumble of rural campaigns, euphoric national victories and shattering defeats.As a lawyer, he reflects in the power of the legislature to change people’s lives.

In politics there are always disappointments and personal hurts; in sharing these, P.J Patterson exhibits an honesty, generosity of spirit and sense of humor about political opponents and allies alike. He shares insights about history, historic figures and puzzling national events, the trade union movement, the role of music and the extraordinary personal and public life of the only person to serve three consecutive terms as Jamaica’s Prime Minister.

It is a riveting account of Jamaica’s living history. Magnificent! This book matters!
Rachel Manley, author of “In My Father’s Shade”

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